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3734 Elvis Presley Blvd., Memphis, 38116, TN

Elvis has definitely not left this building, thankyouverymuch. After the King of Rock and Roll bought this 23-room Memphis mansion on 14 acres in 1957, it became his private playground. Five years after he died in 1977, Graceland was opened to the public, becoming the most-popular tourist attraction in town. Fans (and the just plain curious) can tour everything but the upstairs rooms.

The tour includes the pristine white living room (with a 15-foot-long sofa), the music room and its baby grand piano, his parents’ bedroom, the dining room, the kitchen, the TV room, the pool room, and the famous Jungle Room (decorated with Polynesian furniture, an indoor waterfall, and green shag carpeting).

The tour then continues outside to include his father’s business office, the racquetball building (now displaying Elvis’s trademark jumpsuits), the trophy building filled with his gold and platinum records (as well as Pricilla’s wedding dress and other memorabilia), and Elvis’s gravesite.

Across the street, you can also see Elvisâ€Â™s customized private airplanes, including the lavish Lisa Marie jet (with its gold-plated seatbelt buckles and 24-karat gold-flecked sinks) and the smaller puddle-jumping Hounddog II (used by his managers and staff). The car museum displays more than 30 Elvis-owned vehicles, among them a 1955 pink Cadillac and even a John Deere tractor. Here, you can sit on authentic ’57 Chevy seats to watch car-related clips of Elvis movies in a drive-in-style movie theater.