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Parrot Jungle’s Garden of the Groves


Parrot Jungle’s Garden of the Groves

Midshipman Rd, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island

Remarkably, even the Bahamas’ most populated islands — Grand Bahama and New Providence — have their fair share of adventures away from the crowds. Snorkeling at West End is a 28-mile drive from the hustle and bustle of Freeport. Indeed, Grand Bahama is so big that much of the island remains unsettled. At the 11-acre Garden of the Groves, you’ll find a small tropical paradise, complete with waterfalls, flowering shrubs and some 10,000 trees. Deep within this verdant terrain live the Red-Legged Thrush, the Nighthawk and the Longtailed Tropic Bird. Flamingo-lovers will want to flock to Rand Memorial, where a network of trails snakes through a dense forest of groves and casuarinas.

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