Family Activities:

Potsdamer Platz


No matter what age your children are, they will love multiple visits to Potsdamer Platz. This is truly one of the more energetic and engaging areas of the city. A fabulous entertainment complex that includes dozens of restaurants, shops, the city’s best hotels and even Legoland, Potsdamer Platz just oozes excitement.

The Sony Center is here, so any movie premiere in Germany takes place here. And appropriately, The Film Museum of Berlin is here, which includes great props from the Alien movies, Star Wars and Star Trek. It’s a fun immersion into the global film industry.

As a bit of background: the Berlin Wall passed right through Potsdamer Platz. For 28 years, this place was a no-man’s land of barbed wire, concrete, guard dogs and watch towers. After the wall came down, Potsdamer Platz was the largest construction project on the European continent. That it is the scene of such youthful activity and creative events today makes Potsdamer Platz even more exciting.