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Seward House


Seward House

33 South St., Auburn, 13021, NY

William H. Seward served as a senator, a governor and eventually as the Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln’s administration. He played a pivotal role in America’s foreign relations throughout the civil war, opened his home as a safe house to runaway slaves in the North and even survived a brutal assassination attempt on his life.

His home, located in Auburn N.Y., is a National Historical Landmark that dates back to 1816, and was also home to three other generations of Sewards. Today, it stands as a museum, offering visitors a glimpse into a crucial, bygone era of American history.

Visitors to the house love the beautifully manicured landscape, and are truly taken aback by how well-kept this nearly 200-year-old house is.

Expert-lead tours of the house allow visitors — parents and children alike — to immerse themselves in what it was like to be the man who facilitated America’s purchasing of Alaska. See the original furnishings dating well into the 19th century. Observe the gifts of gratitude received by Seward from heads of other countries, as well as other priceless Seward family heirlooms and other objects.

Allow your children and yourself to be lost, if only for a brief moment, in the pages of time.