Family Activities:

Sunset Beach


Perhaps Cape May’s most popular family attraction, Sunset Beach is famous for its beauty and tranquility, providing some of the best picturesque sunsets New Jersey’s coastline is known for.

But aside from the gorgeous sunsets, Sunset Beach is a wonderful way to spend a day out with the family. Check out the sunken remains of the U.S.S. Atlantus, one of only 12 concrete ships ever commissioned for use by the United States Military during World War I.

Enjoy the daily flag ceremony, a 40-year seasonal (May through September) tradition at Sunset Beach, commemorating the lives of U.S. troops lost both at home and abroad. Each flag raised is a casket flag from a lost serviceman or woman, brought to the ceremony by his or her loved ones.

A miniature golf course is located nearby, famous for its stunning view of the Delaware Bay at every hole.

Kids also love combing the beach in hot pursuit of some of the area’s most prized treasures — Cape May diamonds! There are also three gift shops open year-round which sell jewelry made from the famous quartz pebbles.