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11 Best Snow Sleds For Kids 2021/2022

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Skiing and snowboarding are cool and all, but both wintertime activities require pricey gear and expensive lift tickets. Sledding, on the other hand, requires little more than a piece of molded plastic, an old-fashioned wood and metal sled or a tube, a hill, and the determination to climb up to the top again and again.

Here are a dozen of the best snow sleds for kids of all ages, many of which offer excellent tandem sledding so parents can experience the cheap thrill of sledding this winter, too!

1. Slippery Racer Xtreme 1-2 person Toboggan Snow Sled

Slippery Racer Xtreme 1-2 person Toboggan Snow Sled; Courtesy of Amazon

This one- to two-person snow sled for kids is made of a slick-coated flex plastic and is coated with ice vex cold-resistant treatment so your kids can be assured of gaining top speed on the snowy hills in wintertime. Big enough for a couple of kids as well as a parent and child to ride together, the Slippery Racer Extreme toboggan sled also has a pull rope to make it a breeze to haul back up the hill for another ride down.

2. Heavy Duty Snow Sledding Tube

Woman sitting in a GoFloat Penguin snow tube

This 45-inch heavy-duty snow tube is not only perfect for kids, but a comfortable fit for any grown-ups that want to get in on the sledding action. Easy-to-grip handles and a deep seat keep you secure for the entire ride and the thick material is cold-weather treated, keeping your snow pants dry and preventing wear and tear. This tube also comes in other animal designs, including ice dragon and snow-ready flamingo.

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3. Elf Buddy’s Magic Saucer Sled

Elf Buddy’s Magic Saucer Sled; Courtesy of Amazon

This is a classic saucer snow sled for kids that’s decorated with Will Ferrell as Buddy, everyone’s favorite elf. This officially licensed, 26-inch Elf saucer sled is made of durable plastic, has dual grip handles built-in, and is coated with an ice vex cold-resistant treatment.

4. Magic Carpet Flexible Sled

Magic Carpet Flexible Sled in royal blue

Will your kid feel every bumpy patch of snow as they zoom down the hill on the Flexible Flyer Sled? Absolutely! Will they love every second of it? Absolutely! And you’ll love that this 3-foot long flexible sled is foldable and easily storable, making it great for winter travel. With a weight cap of 90 pounds, the Magic Carpet is purely for the kiddos and will not be captained by mom or dad, unlike the majority of the other best snow sleds for kids on our list.

5. FindUWill Inflatable Dinosaur Snow Tube

Kids will love to fly down any hill this winter in this cool, heavy-duty PVC dinosaur inflatable sledding tube. A deep seat and raised handles will help kids stay inside their prehistoric friend while picking up speed and burning down the snow. With a weight limit of 320 pounds, this sled is recommended for older children (9 years of age and up) and can accomodate adults as well.

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6. Four Person Toboggan Sled

Four Person Toboggan Sled; Courtesy of Amazon

Simple construction, unfussy design and 66 inches of surface space make this toboggan sled great for entire families to zoom down a snowy hill together. The made-in-the-USA ESP 66-inch snow sled can hold up to four people, meaning your kids and their friends can share in the thrill of sledding this winter, and the clever folded edge will prevent snow from being tossed up into the toboggan while sledding down the hill.

7. Flexible Flyer Metal Sled

Flexible Flyer Metal Sled; Courtesy of Amazon

This is the original Flexible Flyer steel runner sled! Measuring four feet long, the smooth birch wood Flexible Flyer sled is the perfect length for a kid to carve up a snowy hill all by themselves, or with a friend or grown-up on board, too, yet also manageable enough in size and weight for a child to get back up the hill for sledding run after run without any adult assistance.

8. WAQIA Oh Snow Sled

WAQIA Oh Snow Sled; Courtesy of Amazon

This WAQIA’s Oh Snow sled’s double brake design and easy-to-hold rope let even the smallest of kids sled safely down a snow-packed hill this winter. The comfortable anti-slip seat of this snow sled for kids helps to make hours of sledding in the snow more comfortable.

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9. Geospace LED Ski Skooter

Geospace LED Ski Skooter; Courtesy of Amazon

This isn’t a sled in the traditional sense, but this stand-up ski scooter with LED lights provides a modern, exhilarating way for kids to travel down a snowy hill in the winter. Your kids will love to show off their sledding moves and impress their friends while zipping downhill on this Geospace Ski Skooter.

10. Flexible Flyer Baby Toddler Boggan Pull Sled

Flexible Flyer Baby Toddler Boggan Pull Sled; Courtesy of Amazon

Crack resistant and made in the USA, this adorable baby boggan will allow your tiniest family members to experience the joy of sledding as you pull them through the snow like your baby or young toddler’s own personal Rudolph! This Flexible Flyer pull sled with adjustable safety strap is the best snow sled for the littlest kids.

11. Round Snow Saucer Sled

DankeSh Round Snow Saucer Sled; Courtesy of Amazon

Here’s another classic saucer sled that is 26-inches in diameter, made for kids ages 3 and up, built with dual handle grips for added safety while gaining speed down a snowy hill, and coated in a silky resin for maximum glide. It’s available in a three-pack of colors, meaning every kid can have their very own sled this winter.

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