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The One Travel Hack That’ll Revolutionize Your Next Family Vacation

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Traveling with kids means packing a lot of stuff. Whether you’re flying to Disney for the week, heading on a tropical vacation to the Caribbean or taking an international trip, the amount of bags adds up quickly. And packing a lot of stuff often means lugging bulky bags through the airport, train station or cruise port( not to mention, the amount of time wasted standing in the long bag-check line and again at baggage claim upon your arrival). If renting a vehicle, you’ll likely have to get an oversized SUV, which will cost you even more money.

But we’ve found a solution to the overpacking-with-kids conundrum: ShipGo.

We recently discovered this helpful service that offers stress-free luggage shipping from your home (or preferred location) to your vacation destination anywhere in the world. 

How It Works

It’s easier than you think. All you have to do is provide your shipping details, luggage sizes, preferred shipping dates and payment information online (or if you prefer, by phone). ShipGo will then mail you your shipping labels for you to attach to each luggage piece, along with packing instructions based on your destination. (You can also print them at any time).

On the day of your departure, simply place your bags at your predetermined pickup location with the shipping luggage tags attached. (You also have the option to drop off your luggage at a local carrier store.) In either scenario, you can track your luggage every step of the way so you can enjoy traveling with the kids. You’ll also receive email notifications, providing you with peace of mind that your bags are taken care of.

As your vacation comes to an end, just pack your bags back up (don’t forget about the souvenirs that you didn’t plan on buying!), attach your labels and leave them at the hotel concierge or designated shipping location. 

Why We Love ShipGo

It makes traveling with kids easier. Traveling by plane is stressful enough with kids (especially with young kids) when you factor in security screenings, wait time at the gate, and potential layovers and/or delays. Having to carry heavy luggage through the airport and checking bags is one less thing we have to deal with when using ShipGo, and when traveling with kids, every little thing counts. 

It’s useful for winter sports-loving families. It’s hard to pack light with kids in general, but even more so for a ski trip that requires skis, snowboards, winter coats, snow suits, snow boots, hats, scarves, gloves, warm socks, extra layers—you get the point. Thankfully, ShipGo also ships skis and snowboards, which means you don’t have to worry about checking them on the plane. 

And golfers, too. Yes, ShipGo will also transport your golf clubs to that award-winning golf resort you’re visiting, anywhere in the world!

So before you go on your next vacation, use ShipGo to ship your luggage ahead. They’ll arrive before you do!

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