These haunted places to stay are not for the faint of heart (we only suggest them for families with teenagers), but these historic hotels -- some with tortured pasts -- will spook visitors at any time of the year. Halloween adds to the fright factor, when some of the hotels provide eerie tours and special events.

Plan a trip to explore one of these spine-chilling abodes, or, if you dare, make a reservation and stay awhile...

Written by Amanda Geronikos and Lissa Poirot

Hollywood Roosevelt - Hollywood, California

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At the luxurious Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Marilyn Monroe's ghost lingers in a mirror, located in a hallway on the first floor. Montgomery Clift still plays his bugle, too; it's the same instrument he played between shots of "From Here to Eternity," filmed at the hotel in 1952.

The Blossom Room is also haunted by an unknown ghost, though the possibilities are endless for who that ghost might be, or who else might lurk about this haunted place to stay. After all, Hollywood Roosevelt has a rich past -- it was the first venue to host the Academy Awards in 1929. It's also where Shirley Temple learned to tap dance with "Bojangles," and where Errol Flynn mixed his gin in the onsite barber shop. One stroll through the hotel's lobby, which includes a quiet, dim-lit lounge, might just be enough to catch a glimpse of one of Hollywood's celebrities, dead or alive.

Chelsea Hotel - New York, New York

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Even those who don't believe in ghosts have "felt something" upon entering the Chelsea Hotel in New York City. Several well-known figures passed away in the hotel, including Dylan Marlais Thomas, a poet and writer who died of an alcohol overdose in Room 206, where his ghost has been seen. Nancy Spungen, the girlfriend of Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, was also found dead at the hotel in 1978. Vicious was arrested for her murder, but died of a heroin overdose days later. The couple's ghosts are believed to haunt the hotel, in what has been dubbed the "Sid and Nancy Room."

Thomas Wolfe and Eugene O'Neil's apparitions have been spotted here, too. The Chelsea has attracted the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin for its luxurious, Victorian-era appeal (it has a staircase that reaches the twelfth floor), but many have also visited for a glimpse of the hotel's spooky past.

Hyatt French Quarter - New Orleans

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New Orleans' French Quarter is renowned for its haunted history, drawing the likes of many author and film companies looking to capture its spiritual past as entertainment. One of the oldest hotels in the French Quarter is now operated by Hyatt: Hyatt French Quarter.

Formerly the Chateau Bourbon hotel, the ballroom was the social setting of the early 19th century, but for a while, the hotel became a convent and girls' school. Stories of mistreatment run rampant, and apparently, so do the spirits of young girls who have been seen playing in the ballroom and running through the halls of this haunted place to stay. Sometimes, they say, one of the girls may decide to snuggle in the bed of an unwitting hotel guest.

Loews Don CeSar Hotel - St. Petersburg, Florida

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The pink palace that is known as the Loews Don CeSar Hotel is a prominent fixture on the Gulf beaches of St. Petersburg, Florida The hotel was built by Thomas Rowe as a tribute to his beloved Lucinda, who passed away before the hotel was complete. Today, Rowe has been spotted roaming the haunted hotel, wearing his Panama hat. The fifth floor of the hotel was where he used to live, and he's often spotted on that floor.

The Omni Grove Park Inn - Asheville, North Carolina

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The beautiful and historic Omni Grove Park Inn, located in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, has been visited by U.S. presidents and international dignitaries for generations. The hotel's early 19th century presence as a hot spot also brought along some unwanted guests, most notably, the Pink Lady. The story of who the Pink Lady is changes, but over the decades, multiple visitors to the Grove Park Inn have spotted her, felt her, or encountered her pink mist. Some guests have felt her in bed with them! Rumor has it that she passed away in Room 545, others say the Palm Court Atrium, and reports of her appearance has taken place in both areas. The hotel is now operated by Omni Resorts.

The Gettysburg Hotel - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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For haunted history buffs, there are few places in the United States that are said to be as haunted as Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where the deadliest battle of the Civil War took place. Many flock to the area in search of spirits, and those who elect to stay at The Gettysburg Hotel seem to find them.

The historic and most haunted hotel was recently renovated but its past is evident in the stories told by historians. Wounded soldiers who died in or near the hotel are said to be seen here, as well as "Rachel," a Civil War nurse, who is still doing her duty to help wounded soldiers. Rumor has Rachel moving clothes around rooms, as well as opening and closing dresser drawers.

Omni Mount Washington Hotel - Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

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This grand resort, located in the mountains of Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, not too far from the Canadian border, is both a summer and winter retreat for New Englanders. Built in 1902 by Joseph Stickney who died in 1903, it is his wife, Carolyn, whom they say roams the halls of the now Omni Mount Washington Resort.

Carolyn's private room was Room 314, and the four-poster bed in this room was the same one she shared with her husband. Guests and even ghost hunters have spotted a woman matching her description in this room, as well as descending the stairs at dinnertime, and standing on the balcony.

Hotel Galvez & Spa A Wyndham Grand Hotel - Galveston, Texas

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One of Galveston, Texas', most refined properties, the Hotel Galvez is also known as one of the most haunted hotels. Built in 1911, the hotel experiences strange occurrences in the ladies room of the lobby, where toilets flush themselves, faucets turn on, and voices can be heard. Visitors often get a whiff of gardenias from this room. But it is Room 500 where most experience ghost sightings.

This room is the home of the Lovelorn Lady, a woman who waited for her seafaring fiancé to return to shore. He died offshore and the grieving lady hung herself in her room, forever waiting for him to return to the hotel. In October, the hotel provides ghost walks and special Halloween-themed fun.

1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa - Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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The story of the Crescent Hotel, considered America's Most Haunted Hotel, goes something like this: Norman Baker purchased the building, a former hotel and college, in 1937. It became his "miracle" hospital for cancer patients, who were promised to walk away disease-free after treatment. It was a scam. Norman Baker didn't have medical training; in fact, he had been convicted of practicing medicine without a license in Iowa years prior. In 1939, he was arrested for mail fraud, having distributed his "miracle" product for thousands of dollars; all told, he defrauded patients of nearly $4 million. Many of his patients never returned home; it is believed they died on the property and were buried there.

1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa reopened in 2002, and is reportedly haunted by several ghosts, including that of a stone mason who plunged to his death during construction. He haunts Room 218, where guests have actually seen hands emerge from a mirror. Other frightening tales are told during nightly ghost tours of the haunted hotel, which include a visit to Norman Baker's former morgue.

The Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, Colorado

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Stephen King's "The Shining" was inspired by The Stanley Hotel, and if you visit the Estes Park, Colorado institution, you'll understand exactly why. Most of the hotel's rooms are haunted, and availability is often limited because of this.

Paranormal activities include items moving on their own, and the sound of children laughing and playing on the fourth floor, the most haunted area of the hotel. Other notably haunted rooms are 1302 and 217, the Stephen King Suite. Ms. Elizabeth Wilson, the hotel's head housekeeper in the early 1900's, is said to take special care of those who stay in 217, even unpacking their bags for them. F.O. and Flora Stanley, the hotel's original owners, have also been spotted in the lobby, and it's not unusual to hear Flora playing a piano.

One of the most haunted hotels offers nightly ghost tours and exclusive promotions, such as the Ghost Adventure Package, which includes a room on the fourth floor, a K2 Meter and a REDRUM mug.

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