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Salt Marsh Safari – The Skimmer


Salt Marsh Safari – The Skimmer

Dolphin Cove Marina, Cape May, 08204, NJ

Cape may is a wonderful place to visit on New Jersey’s beautiful coast. Tons of great restaurants, entertainment and beautiful beaches make this place an ideal family vacation spot. But if there’s one thing about Cape May that’s absolutely certain, it is that no trip there is complete without reserving a seat on the Salt Marsh Safari – The Skimmer.

Consistently rated as one of Cape May’s best wildlife tours, Salt Marsh Safari – The Skimmer is lead by several friendly, entertaining and extremely knowledgable guides, who go above and beyond to point out various types of birds and other marine life. They even bring certain types of marsh animals on the boat for a hands-on, up-close look, while providing information about their habitats and behavioral patterns. It truly is a fascinating experience.

In fact, it’s not out of the ordinary for passengers to be seen feeding pigeons on the dock, who thanks to the careful nurturing of Captain Ed, will eat right from your hands.

The boat, “The Skimmer,” is a 40-foot, U.S. Coast Guard certified pontoon boat, which provides one of the smoothest ways of seeing the beauty of Cape May’s bay waters. Whether you’re a child or an adult, an avid bird watcher or can’t tell the difference between a seagull and a blue jay, Salt Marsh Safari – The Skimmer is a great way to spend a few hours on a beautiful summer afternoon.